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Barcelona, Spain New York, USA New York, USA


People that I saw during my travel… 

Shake Shack Shack Burger Ben 10 Angry Birds Can you find me??? Times Square

New York City VI

a view from Staten Island Ferry Statue of Liberty my hostel's backyard Natural History Museum the big whale dinosaur

New York City V

Mural in Harlem another mural in Harlem Apollo Theatre, Harlem a picture in the subway NYC Hillsong Fire Department BBQ Pork on rice from Chinatown Battery Park

New York City IV

Brooklyn Bridge lights of hearts

Brooklyn Bridge - New York

street performance in front of the MET Wall Street Cemetery at Trinity Church Trinity Church 9/11 9/11 Memorial

New York City III

Chrysler Building NY Public Library Warhol's Picasso's MOMA 53rd st and 6th ave Halal Cart Wicked at Gershwin Theater Central Park's Great Lawn

New York City II

Grand Central Foodcourt Junior's famous Cheesecakes Grand Central Main Hall Grand Central from the outside

Grand Central New York

Radio city Tritip Grill Sandwich view from Top of the Rock Rockefeller Center Skating Rink Harlem NY Fire Truck Alex Hamilton house New York City College 125st Station

New York City I

the White House American Indian Museum Air Space Museum Washington Monument Dupont Circle Subway Station Korean War Monument Lincoln Memorial a very nice Combination Horfun my half eaten Chicken rice

Washington D.C II

Cherry Blossom Capitol Hill Tulips Capitol Hill's Rotunda Statues Library of Congress More Tulips

Washington D.C.

very pretty town with all the flowers blooming

Harry Potter World Hogwarts train

Harry Potter World - Island of Adventure - March 2012

the Simpsons Back to the Future Blues Brothers SImpsons again

Universal Studios - March 2012

Night Electrical Parade

Disneyworld’s Magic Kingdom - March 2012

Epcot Center March 2012